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This past saturday I had the honor of being in the corner of 2 of my gyms fighters and as I'm wrapping their hands trying to feel out the level of nerves and warming them up it gave me an idea for some conversation on the platform J is giving us. What are some pre-fight routines, warm-up drills, prayers or just something somebody said to you that help prepare you to enter the ring? For instance I spoke to a guy on the card who did't have anyone holding pads for him so I let him know if he wanted a holder one of our guys would be happy to do it and he said he doesnt like hitting pads before a fight because he doesnt want to risk wasting the shot that could end the fight, different strokes for different folks right?. He stopped his opponent in the 2nd round so I guess he didn't waste it. Anyway I'm just curious what other people like to do or don't like to do before a fight.

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