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March 2011 Blog Posts (6)

Happy Nai Khanom Tom Day!

It's Nai Khanom Tom Day, and a few of my students and training brothers and sisters have said some really great thanks to me.  I'm so thankful to be able to do what i do. I have a great group of people who care about me that really are the best family anybody could ask for.

Thank you to all of you who make every bit of the grind and hard work worth it.


And a huge thanks from me to all of those who came before me, helping me come where i have,  Especially Kru Rigel…


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Fight for Brian

       I wanted to thank everybody who helped out with the benefit fundraiser at Dragon Gym in Exton this past weekend.  I was really proud of everybody who competed. We raised a bunch of money for a great cause and a lot of people got a chance to step in there and give it a shot.  It was an awesome feeling to be able to help out a friend in need and to give all of our training brothers and sisters the opportunity to both pitch in and to compete a little bit.


Also, Big thanks…


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Fundraiser "smoker" at Dragon Gym 3/12/11

Hey Everybody.

We heard some sad news this past week that one of our training brothers at our kind of sister school Dragon Gym in Exton, PA was diagnosed with a very serious illness that will cause him to undergo very serious, very expensive treatments soon.

Pulling together as a community, we decided to have a fundraiser with some friendly "smoker-style" competition as well as selling some T shirts, and probably a bake sale.

If youre interesting in coming down to…


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MuayThai-cycle diaries

So, this is the idea.  This summer, a few of us are going to take a road trip across country on our newly-acquired motorcycles. 

We want to stop at as many gyms as possible to do seminars and private lessons as well as train.

If you are interested in trying to get me and a few of my top training buddies to come and do a seminar at your gym, or if you have any ideas about where would be a good gym to contact about a seminar, let me know.

we'll have to book at least a…


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A Weekend of Fights- Journey Series Calgary 3/5/11

So, after hearing the painful news about Rigel's non-fight, it was time to focus on my fight. 

I would be fighting the first round of the 8 man tournament of the continents best 140 lb fighters.  My first round opponent was "Nasty" Nate Smandych, a tough young fighter with lots of high level experience, even though he has only a handful of pro fights. Barring maybe one other fighter in the tournament, he was one of the opponents i was most worried about going into the…


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A Weekend of Fights- Friday Night Fights NYC 3/4/11

This weekend promised to be a crazy one with both myself and Rigel fighting back-to-back nights on opposite corners of the continent.

He was scheduled to fight agaings Ryan "The Lion" Madigan at the Friday Night Fights event in Manhattan on Friday.  Both fighters made weight. The event went as scheduled, mostly. All the other fights of the evening happened as planned. Both Rigel and Ryan made their way to the ring. Rigel performed his Ram Muay and was all set to fight. But, there was…


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