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August 2010 Blog Posts (9)

Not Quite Vegas

Hey everybody.
So I know you guys heard all about my fight coming up that was all set for this past weekend in Primm, NV. First, i was supposed to fight for the US IKKC title against Scotty Leffler. But, when scotty suffered a rib injury in training, he was forced to pull out. Needless to say, i was disappointed, but it was only a few days before a replacement was found. My replacement Shane Oblonsky, is a professional champion himself. He earned himself a belt when he recently knocked Joey…

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Most Important thing...

So, there's something that Kru always says to me before i fight. Sort of to ease the tension, but also because he really means it... he says "remember, anyone can fight hard. fight sexy"

Maybe the most important part of really setting the mood for the fight is the entrance song.
Most guys go with something metal or really gangster rap. Not me, I take the goofy approach. I've come out to "do ya think i'm sexy" by Rod Stewart, "love train" by the o'jays and "you…

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FREEDOM FRIES- #9 Sebastian Le Toux

So, there's one other thing i wanted to post about tonight, but couldn't make the last post any longer.

Ok, so I grew up playing soccer and love the sport. I was super pumped when i heard that Philadelphia would finally get an MLS team this year. I joined the Sons of Ben, the supporters club, and got a season ticket in the River End at PPL park for the Philadelphia Union.

I've gone to all the home games but two, one i missed due to fighting that…

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Long days and longer stories

Yesterday was a good day of training. Me and Smash took a ride up to train with Eric "Hooligan" Utsch in Allentown, PA. He's a great training partner, and a good dude. I love training with him for a few reasons. First, he loves Muay Thai as much as I do, which is rad. Second, and most importantly in a training partner, especially a sparring partner is that he is always conscious of safe training and able to go hard without any injuries.

Sometimes, less experienced students…

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Early as a Mufugah

It certainly is early as a Mufugah.

I had a good hard weekend of training this weekend. Actually, the last few days of training have been really good. I'm starting to feel a lot sharper. 2 weeks out from a fight is actually a refreshing stage to be at. Mentally, you're ready, not because you no longer have any doubts and you're supremely confident, but because you know it's actually happening. There's no worrying about it, because they'res no time to. It's like Jesse Ventura says in…


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Too much for one post

I've been lazy the last few days when it comes to writing down what's going on. Terrible shame, that is, considering sooo much has been going on. I've dug myself in a bit of a hole for this update.

So, this week, I was 3 weeks out from my fight on aug 28th in Primm, NV. The last little update shared with everyone that my opponent was injured and they would need to find me a replacement. Thankfully, lots of people wanna try to beat me up, so it only took a day or two before…

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Training, but not for the title

So today was a wild one.
I woke up too late to do all the things I needed to before my first training session. I really hate rushing. I hate not having the time that I need to do the whatever it is I'm doing. I hate showing up places late. But, that was my morning.
Jenn "Smash" Szeker was a friggin rad training partner and woke up earlier than most humans to come kick stuff with me. She's the best. We started with a run at about 7:30. After our run, we roped and shadowed a bit,…

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Fridays are sometimes hard work

today was a very long day.

I was up at 5:15 to train with Andy this morning. He's super diligent. Two times a week he comes in at the ass-crack of dawn, 6am to train with me. Always, like clockwork.

after a good morning of working Andy out, we went for some breakfast. i got an omlette and a much needed cup of coffee. delicious food in my new hood.

Kyle "Strictly Bizz" Hillman and Jenn "Smash" Szeker met us for a bite and the three of us said bye to Andy and started…


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Training for the Title

hey everybody.

It's been a long day. So, most of you know that i'm fighting for the IKKC US 147lb title against current champ Scotty Leffler at Buffalo Bills Casino Resort in Primm, NV at the end of this month. If you didn't, now you've done been told, kid. I wanted to keep everybody updated on how my training has been going, so i'll keep blogging about stuff as much as i can.

I'm pretty tired right now, been a kinda long day.

Usually, fight training has…


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