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Validating Moments Part 2

Not long ago, I got hooked up with the New Jersey State Athletic Commission.  I was supposed to fight in AC on the Battle at Bally's 2 show as the main event agains Gabriel Varga.  He and I had both just been signed to K-1 contracts, so, in a smart move for both of us, Gabe decided that he shouldn't risk injury fighting me. I am no good and making good choices like that. I'm glad he did though, because K-1 gave me my best payday ever, by more than double. 

I still went to the show,…


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Validating Moments Part 1

Yesterday, and for the past few Wednesday afternoons, I went up to Martinez BJJ to do a private lesson with Will Martinez in preparation for his upcoming fight 9/20 on the Matrix show, right here in Philadelphia. I got a chance to work with him and Bellator veteran, Zack Makovsky a bit on pads. 

Will knows me from a while back. Well, sort of... He was my opponent during my only amateur MMA fight, back in 2007.  He put me away with a guillotine, if I remember correctly. What!!!!!? my…


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Cool Hearts Muay Thai Camp's Vision

Cool Hearts Muay Thai is the best Muay Thai camp in Philadelphia. We are among the top camps in the country, and certainly the Northeast.  

We are in the process of rebuilding.  More accurately, we are in the process of finally building exactly what we've always wanted.

Here is our vision-

We want to have a traditional and authentic Muay Thai camp that is the singular coolest place in the world. We want to have a true, thai-style camp that breeds the best…


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The Real Story of What Happened To Cool Hearts

I want to inform everyone- my family, friends, fans, students, and even the people who don't like me- what actually happened to myself and Cool Hearts Muay Thai recently.  I will try to remove all embellishment or exasperations of truth and give solely the facts.  This will be difficult.  But many people already are clear about my feelings, and not many know the facts. 

So, not long ago, I had someone turn my life on its head.  I resent what happened, but even more so the distasteful…


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The Future starts now

So, there has been a lot of huge changes in my life over the last year.  Many, actually most, have been unwelcome and immediately terrible.  After a few moments or a few months of panic and grief, my life has certainly changed.  

The changes have been necessary adaptations to ensure survival. In the long run, they have afforded opportunity and freedom. 

The visible consequences of a handful of changes will be more posts, more updates, and more public presence.

I hope to…


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New Year

So, i gave myself some time to heal and relax. In the meantime, i caught a terrible plague that had me feeling like death for more than the last week.  Finally, i'm starting to feel just a bit better.

And, i've started training again. It's not been a lot, but i am so glad to start working out a little. I feel out of shape, but i can still work hard. Yesterday was my first day really back to training since the fight, and it was a breath of fresh air.  I just roped a bit, did some…


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Two eyes are better than one

Hey everybody.

It's been far too long since I've updated the Muay Thai Stay Fly site and i am committed to doing it, now that it's apparent that the world isn't ending today.

First, let me update the party people out there that haven't heard yet. Tragically, i lost my last fight on 12/1/2012 against Salah "the Beast" Abdelsalem on the Muay Thai in America show -In Honor of the King.

Fate would have my eyeball almost cut from my skull in a freak turn of events. But, the…


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Interview with my opponent on 3/11/12

Here is an interview with my opponent in my upcoming bout in Bournemouth, England on 3/11/2012. It will be for the WBC Welterweight International Challenge belt. Kid is a super young tough dude. Gonna be a good one.

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Good article about fellow fighter Mark Deluca, featuring me.

This is a good article about the career and recent announcement of the retiring of fellow Muay Thai practitioner, Mark DeLuca. Check it out. I even say nice things about him. I guess they edited all the stuff of about how I think he's smelly and uncool. Jk. He's a good dude, and the article does him justice.…


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Diligence, crunch time

So, today i woke up just a little before my alarm clock. It felt good. That's the kind of thing that usually annoys me. I'm always so rushed to fit everything into my schedule. But today, My morning was pretty empty. I don't have a lot of places to run back and forth and i wasn't up all night. 

It's crazy what an hour thats not already allotted to cramming one thing or another can do to make you feel like it's all manageable. 

Today, I'm less than 3 weeks out from my fight on…


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This past weekend and the future!

So this past Friday, 11/4, we had 2 fighters do really well on the Friday Night Fights event in NYC.  

The event was a small one, not in attendance, but in the number of fights.  The crowd was sold out, or if not, it was still a few hundred people above comfortable capacity.  As a spectator, it was nearly impossible to catch the action unless you were propped up on the 7' Gigantor of a bouncer's shoulders.  There was only 8 fights, i think, 3 of which were professional, none of which…


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Wednesday= motorcycle appreciation day

So I started teaching at 2 schools on wednesday nights. I teach at BJJ United in Jenkintown at 6:00 PM. Right after, I hop on my bike and drive to Paramount BJJ in Downingtown to teach at 8:30 PM.

Both schools are awesome. The students are super psyched to have me teach there and they are really respectful. At BJJ United, most students have some prior training. Though they have some experience, they're all really interested in getting better and doing things the way that I'm asking… Continue

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Some Recent Press Stuff. (I'm kind of a big deal)

I'm kind of a big deal. People know me.

sometimes, people interview me.

sometimes, they write articles about me and the poor bastards i'm gonna beat up.

here are a few of those articles.…


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Here we go! (again)

Ok kids. Im about to start really usin this site. I just got a twitter that I'm still learning to use, follow me @muaythaistayfly
I'm getting the site all renewed and rad as we speak, hope it will be up and running in no time.
I have lots of articles and sites to link to now, new sponsors and friends to share with everybody. Stay tuned. By next week, I'll understand social media and how to use this.
Keep up.

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Long Time, folk

Hey everybody.

So, it's been far too long since i've gotten on this site at shouted some stuff out. Really sorry about that.

I'm looking to really revamp my activities on here, cut out some of the other stuff with the internet I was working on and really do most of my online stuff on here.

I know it's been like 3 months since my last blog entry, and they were few and far between in the months before that, but i just wanted to get on here and make more promises that my…


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Happy Nai Khanom Tom Day!

It's Nai Khanom Tom Day, and a few of my students and training brothers and sisters have said some really great thanks to me.  I'm so thankful to be able to do what i do. I have a great group of people who care about me that really are the best family anybody could ask for.

Thank you to all of you who make every bit of the grind and hard work worth it.


And a huge thanks from me to all of those who came before me, helping me come where i have,  Especially Kru Rigel…


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Fight for Brian

       I wanted to thank everybody who helped out with the benefit fundraiser at Dragon Gym in Exton this past weekend.  I was really proud of everybody who competed. We raised a bunch of money for a great cause and a lot of people got a chance to step in there and give it a shot.  It was an awesome feeling to be able to help out a friend in need and to give all of our training brothers and sisters the opportunity to both pitch in and to compete a little bit.


Also, Big thanks…


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Fundraiser "smoker" at Dragon Gym 3/12/11

Hey Everybody.

We heard some sad news this past week that one of our training brothers at our kind of sister school Dragon Gym in Exton, PA was diagnosed with a very serious illness that will cause him to undergo very serious, very expensive treatments soon.

Pulling together as a community, we decided to have a fundraiser with some friendly "smoker-style" competition as well as selling some T shirts, and probably a bake sale.

If youre interesting in coming down to…


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MuayThai-cycle diaries

So, this is the idea.  This summer, a few of us are going to take a road trip across country on our newly-acquired motorcycles. 

We want to stop at as many gyms as possible to do seminars and private lessons as well as train.

If you are interested in trying to get me and a few of my top training buddies to come and do a seminar at your gym, or if you have any ideas about where would be a good gym to contact about a seminar, let me know.

we'll have to book at least a…


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