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It was in the last few months that I got pretty sick of myself.  I hit a breaking point and decided i needed some change. Now, i'm bent on global domination.   I'm looking to be the me I want to be.  I'm looking to have the impact that I want to have. I'm looking to build the place I want to build.  I am chipping away the unnecessary and widdling it down to just the necessary to build the life I want to live. 

I'm going to be increasing my public presence and offering a ton of content to people.  I'm going to be holding myself more accountable by posting my thoughts and intentions publicly and hoping to help out, inform, and maybe inspire a couple people along the way.  

I don't know everything. I don't want to come off like i think that i do.  But, this i know.  I've been through some shit, fought a ton of fights, gotten a bunch of stitches, learned some stuff along the way.  I've hurt people and been hurt. I've been good to people and burnt some.  I've had people give me amazing things and some take pieces of my life.  

Maybe not everyone has to go through all the same shit that i do to learn the things that i've learned.  Maybe I can help some people along the way. that's what i'm looking to do.

Anyway, keep eyes peeled because i'm going to be doing this a lot.  

It won't always be pretty, or delicate, or sweet, or well spoken. There may be curse words, mistakes, and lies.  But i'll try my best. 

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