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Fear is a human thing. It's part of all of us.
We all have a fear of failiure. But get over it. Put it on the line.
Failure is not losing, or falling short of success. Failure is being too scared to try.
Never let the fear of fallin short of success keep you from putting your all into something.
Always be willing to swing for the fences, or go all in, or go down swinging.
I can deal with the failure of losing. I've done it 24 times. It sucks. I hate it. I swear it'll never happen again every time I lose. What I wouldn't be able to stomach is if I never tried.
Maybe I should be more cautious. Someday, maybe I'll learn about that. Either that, or I'll die doing something when I should have been more cautious. But, there not how I'm going live my life.
And I'd advise anyone the same.

Here's a quote from my (maybe less than politically correct) high school soccer coach. He would see kids get scared to win 50-50 balls, especially with headers...
He'd say
"Strap on a pair and put your face on the ball!"
Hear him saying it a dozen times a week in my head.

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