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Hey party people! So, it's officially fight day. I'm here in NYC having a late breakfast and chilling out, preparing to give it my all later.
It has been an absolutely insane past few weeks. Circumstances for the fight are way less than optimal, but I've committed to the fight and I will give it al I have.
It was only a few weeks ago that my former coach, Rigel, informed me that he was not interested in be a part of the beautiful gym that I built for us, and subsequently that he would not be training me for this fight. This was incredibly unanticipated and put me in a terrible position for my own training. I've tried desperately to seek help where I could, but my preparation for this fight was largely on my own shoulders.
That being the case, I don't feel that my preparation has been where I want it to be, but I'm still confident in the fight. I know that if I show up, have fun, love being in there, and bring the me that many people enjoy watching to the ring, that I will come away with a W.

This will be my first fight for my own gym "STAY FLY MUAY THAI" and I expect a win. It will be my first fight of a very busy 2014, where I promise to bring back the Purple People Eater that so many of you have supported.

I would very much like to extend a huge thank you to all of you for your support. With the chaos with Rigel, I had felt abandoned in many ways. It had been difficult to deal with.
So many of you have reached out and pledged your support and I am intensely grateful and I would like to express my utmost appreciation.
2014 is the beginning of the next chapter for me as a person, a business owner, a fighter, and hopefully for Muay Thai in Philadelphia, the East Coast, America, and the world.
I'm excited and I hope you all know how grateful I am to have all of your support.
Ok. Now it's time to focus on some real important shit happening today.
Stay fly,

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