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       I wanted to thank everybody who helped out with the benefit fundraiser at Dragon Gym in Exton this past weekend.  I was really proud of everybody who competed. We raised a bunch of money for a great cause and a lot of people got a chance to step in there and give it a shot.  It was an awesome feeling to be able to help out a friend in need and to give all of our training brothers and sisters the opportunity to both pitch in and to compete a little bit.


Also, Big thanks to all of those who donated in other ways, especially Molly "smish" Barg, who brought a 1-man bake sale that is surely going to haunt me the next time i have to make weight.


Thanks again to everyone. Check out the Cool Hearts Muay Thai facebook page for pictures and videos, courtesy of Angel Cartagena and Oleg "comrade" Ivanov.



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