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Holy crap!
Last nights show in New York was wild. A whole lot of things happened that I did not see coming... Giorgio Petrosyan got knocked out. Then so did Robin Van Roosmalen. Both by the same dude, Andy Ristie, who may or may not be the baddest man on the planet, but he sure did knock two of the baddest dudes on the planet yesterday. That was wild.
Then, Joe Schilling vs. Wayne Barrett...
Now, say what you want about Joe Schilling. I actually thought he was a bit of a turd for a while, always shaking my head at the ridiculous, hilarious, but usually true stuff he'd say about people. But I've grown to love him. Or maybe he's just cooler than he was then. But either way, I would often say "I don't really like Joe Schilling, but I'm so glad he exists, because there are so many people who I want to tell to shut the fuck up or go fuck themselves, but I don't have to, because Joe Schilling already did."
But Joe has been fighting well and actually maturing as a fighter and a dude in the last couple years. He's fought some of the scariest dudes out there. And lots of times, he's won.
So, I was pretty sure that Wayne was a deadman, but in the second round showed how slick his boxing skills are and caught Joe. Joe fought through a tough fight, and ended up dropping Wayne in the third. Now, I remember years back, when k1 would make dudes go to a fourth round all the time, usually when they didn't deserve to, or when any Japanese fighter was losing to Buakaw after three rounds.
But this one, I reaaallllly think should have gone to another. Hats off to Wayne. But I think Joe would've won the fourth. All the judges has Wayne winning the first round, but it was a close round. Wayne pry did squeak it out. Maybe more than that. But come onnnnnn, fourth rounds are what make it awesome!

There were some other fights that I didn't think we're quite as exciting, but all in all, I'd say it was one of the most exciting events I've ever been to. How did it look at home?
Also, wasn't there supposed to be a girl fight?

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