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Many of you have been in touch with me over the past few months, through the trials of the displacement from our location at 2nd St. in Northern Liberties, through Cool Hearts trying to set up shop at Fight Firm.  I reached out to many of you to tell you the status of things and to ask for support.  

It has been 6 months since we left Northern Liberties, and many of you have been in touch as we launched our indiegogo project, which with your help, was a smashing success.

We raised almost $10,000. With the money, i was able to set up an entire business, almost to the point of full functionality. There are still a few things that we need to acquire. But, with the funds, i purchased a ton of mats (that we still need to work the bugs out of). I was able to assemble 2 boxing rings for a training space, both of which needed a little bit of work, but are now fully operational. I was able to purchase a ton of rubber flooring for a fitness area, as well as a full pull up rig for squats, and barbell training (still needs to be picked up this week and installed). I was able to purchase insurance for the gym, purchase a billing program, & file business licenses with the state, as well as a million other forms. I was able to put a down payment for the utilities of the space. I also was able to perform a little bit of construction and get some bags up, and acquire a small amount of gear. I'd done my best to be as thrifty as possible to make our gym the best place it could be. I am proud of all the work i've done. It's beautiful, though still needs polishing.

It had all come together. Our dream had become a reality......Or so i thought. 

Kru Rigel, with whom I've spent the last almost 9 years loyally tied to, told me, only 2 weeks ago, that he has no interest or plans of being a part of the future that i had built. I was so confused, and I was heartbroken.

Rigel told me that he wanted to continue to teach classes at Fight Firm. He wanted me to open the gym, call it Cool Hearts Muay Thai, and run it on my own. This was the first I had heard of this. 

I told him it would be very important for us to speak further before he left for his legal obligation that puts him out of contact for 2 days of the week for nearly the last year and the next few weeks. I tried to contact him and he was too busy to talk, as he was in the process of moving where he lives. When he finally got back to me, i told him that i thought that i would like to start classes at the new location this week, and that i wasn't really planning on teaching at Fight Firm. He was short, dismissive, and he told me he'd get it covered. It's obvious to hear when Rigel is upset, so upon hearing his response, i told him not to worry, that i would still cover classes, but that it was imperative that we speak at length immediately when he was released from his obligation. He then called Molli "smish" Barg and asked her to cover classes. When i showed up to teach class, she was confused, because Rigel had asked her to teach. 

I showed up to teach, and there were 2 students there for class. Molli was confused, as she thought she was supposed to teach class. I told her i was there to teach and started the class. 

Moments later, the power went out. I waited for 10 minutes. And then i made a mistake.  As i was walking out the front door, i turned to the 2 students and said "Do you guys want to train?'. They both answered in the affirmative, so i said "ok, grab your stuff, we'll go up the street". I took them to the new spot and we trained a bit, then i drove the one home. 

Later that afternoon, I received a lot of very upset text messages from Tuan Pham, who had accused me of recruiting students from his gym. This was not the case, though i now understand how it looked.  He told me I was no longer welcome at Fight Firm. In the next few hours, all of my students received an email saying that I will be opening my own space, and that Rigel would not be a part of it. The email stated that there will be no cross-training, but that anyone who would like to cancel their membership and follow to my gym would be permitted to.

Since then, Rigel has been very short with me and distant. He has since our conversations, changed his mind, and no longer wants me to use the Cool Hearts name, unless he has changed his mind yet again.

I'm still working on hammering out a solid name so i can get signage up and promote.  This is something i never planned to do on my own, and i wasn't prepared to do it alone. But i am, with all of your help. Thank you to all of you for the support.


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