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Motivational Mondays- Steal Back Your time

Every day, I find that I just don't have enough time in the day.  I have a few hours set aside for this or for that, and before I know it, I'm scrambling to get things done.  I've realized that my day is being stolen from me, a few minutes at a time.  A few minutes here or there to check emails and messages turns into a few extra to check the alerts on my apps.  A text message to catch up and plan a meeting turns into a half hour conversation of pleasantries and a few scrolls down the hole. 

I'm really bummed about it.  So I'm gonna change it.  From now on, I'm going to set aside specific times for checking updates and looking at social media.  I also am going to set down specific times to update social media, including blogs here.  

I've realized that with a schedule like mine, It's incredibly important to delineate my schedule. I must compartmentalize and block specific places and times for specific behaviors.  Being deliberate with my time will focus my efforts and every step I take will be in a specific direction.  I'm done wasting time pacing back and forth, or treading water.  I'm going somewhere, and I won't get there without lots and lots of steps in a specific direction..

Because my time is precious, my actions must be deliberate.  

Get used to seeing updates here with blogs about what I'm personally putting to work. Be on the look out as well for lots more blogs on Muay Thai and the sport and culture that we're trying to facilitate at Stay Fly Muay Thai on our website at as well.  

Today is the first day of a week whose ass is mine.  i'm a murderer, and this week is dead meat.  

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