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Life is weird. Especially times of conflict and adversity. In this past year, I've realized that life is full if surprises. The most shocking surprises I've seen in my recent life is that everything you think you know about people is wrong.
The people who you think will be there for you through thick an thin, won't. The people who you really think care about you and hold the same things dear as you, don't. People very close to you will tell you one thing and then do the opposite. The more someone promises you something, the less they mean to keep that promise.
At the same time, some people will surprise you in a magical way. People who you would never count on to be the ones there for you in times of need will reach out and offer more than you could ask for. Some will go above and beyond what you could ever imagine, just to offer you help. People will invite you to be big parts of their lives, share awesome things with you and tell you how important you are to them.
In this past year, I've realized that people aren't always what they seem. Most aren't what they claim to be. Some will surprise you, some will disappoint.
I've decided to never count on anyone else for anything, but rather be true to myself. As long as I'm true to myself as to what's important to me, others who believe the same will surround me. I've decided to never believe promises as truth, but rather to see weight in actions.
Talk less, do more.

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