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I know I'm not alone.  I absolutely love Muay Thai. I know so many people that have so much love for Muay Thai, real Muay Thai.  It's my dream to have a real, authentic Muay Thai camp to train at and be a part of.   I don't want to try to teach "striking" or "kickboxing" or try to fit the things that are important to me into a hole that it doesn't quite fit in.

I've been thinking about the things that are important to me. I've been compiling lists.  If I could build the perfect place to train and be a part of, what would it look like? What would we do? What would make it awesome? I thought a lot about this. I'm still thinking about it. 

I really want a place for people to just train Muay Thai all the time, together.  So, I was thinking about the things that are important for that to happen.  A ring is important, as are bags, lots of solid thai pads, gloves, ropes, and mats to train on.  I think that first and foremost, that stuff is the kind of nuts and bolts of the whole thing.  Muay Thai really has become the center of my life and I think that it really should be the center of the place.  Muay Thai, fundamentally is a fight sport. Training in this sport has been a catalyst to entirely changing my life.

But, then I think about about the other things that Muay Thai means to me.  It's given me a glimpse into an entire culture.  Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and there is so much ceremony and history behind it that goes well beyond the ring.  There is a spirituality and centuries of traditions that come along with training. I'd like a place for people to find the kind of inspiration and spirituality that I have through training.  If I could build my ideal place that was centered around Muay Thai, I would love to have a place where people can learn about the culture of Thailand, including the language, the history, the folklore, and the spirituality as much as the national sport. It would be awesome to bring people to educate us in these subjects. I would love that

Muay Thai has been the motivating factor in keeping myself in good health.  Through  training, I've met many people who have had an impact on the way I eat and exercise.  We have a whole community of people interested in physical fitness and health.  There have been many casual conversations between my friends, training partners, and students that have led to huge changes in lifestyle for many people, being a giant contributing factor in many of the people that are dear to me in their health and well being.  If it were in my power, I would love to have a place to host conversations on topics like this.  I would love to bring in experts on health and fitness and diet and exercise and recovery and subjects like that for myself, my teammates, and my students.  That would be amazing.  I would love to have resources for diet and exercise at my fingertips like that. 

I really love helping people find a love of training, and showing them Muay Thai. I've found as much pleasure and sense of accomplishment in seeing my students succeed as I do in my own training and fighting career. I would love to have a place with the best Muay Thai program around.  It's true, I don't really have the love for MMA that I do for Muay Thai. However, I really do love helping MMA fighters with their Muay Thai, and showing them what real Muay Thai is about.  I never really have a desire to have a MMA team. But If I could have the ideal Muay Thai gym, I would love to offer an open door to help MMA fighters with their Muay Thai.  I would love to have the place that would be the destination point for fighters to immerse themselves in authentic Muay Thai and improve their skills. 

I think that there is a whole community of people that share the same vision that I do.  I know so many people love the same things that I do and I bet somewhere there is a real clear shared vision.  

What else would be important in building the best place?

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