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Hey everyone. 

So, many of you are freaking out. I certainly understand that. I will be doing everything i can to keep people up to date on all information concerning Cool Hearts Muay Thai, the fight team, and myself.

As for right now, there is definite uncertainty with who will be doing what where.  It's actually a mess that i did not see coming, and would never believe would be there.

I would like to offer an open line of communication for any questions or concerns that any of you might have. Feel free to call or text me at 215-300-0031 with any questions. Feel free to email me at or contact me through facebook or twitter. 

I will be posting a few blogs in the next day or so trying to explain some things.

Thanks to everyone for the support and love. 

The future has the potential to be very bright. My fear and uncertainty is overshadowed by my hope in the possibilities that the future holds.

Stay tuned and feel free to contact me. And again, thank you to all of those who have shown concern and love for me over the years and especially during the chaos.  Your support will never be forgotten.


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